Elementary School

The McKinley Message:

  • Be Responsible
  • Talk to your kids about pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • Arrive at school ready to learn! Did you know that research shows (and McKinley teachers have noted) that kids who walk or bike to school arrive more ready to learn?
  • Drivers and pedestrians need to stay alert and follow the rules of the road.
  • NO CELLPHONE USE OR TEXTING while driving or walking in school zones—Stay Alert!
  • Be Respectful
  • Follow Hug and Go and Pick up procedures- They are for the safety of everyone.
  • Only use designated crosswalks to cross the street.
  • Do not double, triple park or park in front of the neighbor’s driveways.
  • Be Caring
  • Care for the environment- fewer cars means few carbon emissions around our school. This is healthier for everyone!
  • Consider being a Walking School Bus leader or joining the PTA SRTS committee.

Supported by local businesses:

Firefly Real Estate, Amy Standal
Ben’s Cycle Shop
Catral Doyle creative co.

Fair Trade for All
Locker’s Florist
North Shore Bank
AnyTime Fitness

Connecting the trip to school with safety, health and community

  • The McKinley Elementary School launched their Safe Routes to School Program in the Fall of 2010.
  • Support year- long walking and biking promotion and safety- Walking and biking to school days, walking school buses, crossing guard ambassadors.
  • Awarded two grants from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in December of 2012 for improving safety on local streets and encouraging walking and biking initiatives, totaling over $166,000.
  • Awarded National Safe Routes to School Mini- grant for Walking School Bus program in 2011.
The McKinley Elementary School PTA Safe Routes to School committee organizes the walking school bus program.

A Walking School Bus (WSB) is a group of children who walk to school together under the supervision of an adult leader. The program promotes good health, a cleaner environment, and reduced traffic around school.

The WSB leaders have had background checks, training and wear special marked vests and lead groups of children to school from various locations in the McKinley district. Students who live “too far” to walk can be dropped off at a WSB location.

Students must be registered to participate in the program.

Parent participation is not required for students to participate. We will need volunteers to help our school buses run! We are seeking parents and community volunteers.

The program promotes good health, a cleaner environment, and reduced traffic around school.

Locations and Hours:

W. North Ave. & N. 88th St. 7:30am – 8:30am | 2:50pm – 3:50pm
W. North Ave. & N. 90th St. 7:15am – 8:45am | 3:00pm – 4:00pm
W. Meinecke Ave. & N. Swan Blvd.- 7:15am – 8:45am | 2:50pm – 3:50pm
W. Clarke St. & N. N. Swan Blvd. 7:15am – 8:30am | 2:50pm – 3:50pm

Crossing Guard Ambassadors:

Questions about your crossing guard? McKinley Elementary has a parent designated at each crosswalk to help answer questions or report concerns. The names are published in the school newsletter or contact PTA SRTS coordinator, Sarah Lerand.

“Hug & Go” at drop-off:

  • Please full all the way forward in the cut out. NO double parking!
  • Parents must remain in their vehicle at all times. Please finish giving your children instructions and a hug before they get to school. It is expected that children can unbuckle themselves, retrieve backpacks/ instruments by them selves. Your time in the cut out should be between 30-60 seconds.
  • During the first two months of school, assistants will be available to help students out of cars at the cut outs. 5th grade ambassadors will be available to walk younger children to their designated lines.

Pick-up Procedures:

  • NO PARKING in cut out on 89th street and 90th street from 2:45 pm- 3:25 pm, Wednesdays 1:45 pm- 2:25 pm.
  • Please arrive after 3:25 (2:25 pm on Wednesdays) if you would like to pull into the cut out to pick up your child. Teachers will hold children at the door until the cones are removed and cars can then pull up to pick up their children.
A limited number of temporary parking passes are available for students with special needs. Please contact the school office for more information.



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