Wednesday is the 5th Annual McKinley Elementary Walk to School Day

How amazing will it be to see hundreds of students walking to school together and then meeting on the large playground for music, apples courtesy of Amy Standal, Firefly Real Estate, and all school assembly before the start of school!!


How it will work:

  • Celebrity Walking School Bus leaders will start walking from designated spots.
  • Students (parents encouraged, but not a requirement) can join the group at any spot along the way.  See attached list of with exact times.
  • Families who live too far to walk or encouraged to park 3-4 blocks away and join one of the walking school buses.
  • Students are encouraged to make signs, carry balloons to show their support of walking to school (balloons will not be allowed in the school).


Please join a Walking School Bus

Time  Stop

Route 1: Mayor Kathy Ehley

7:51    97th and Wilson

7:53    96th and Wilson

7:57    96th and Harding

7:59    Harding and 95th

8:01    Harding and 94th

8:03    Harding and 93rd

8:05    Harding and Swan—STOP here to wait for other group from Route 2,3


Route 2: McKinley Principal Jean Hoffman

7:58    95th and Beverly Place

8:02    Beverly and Swan

8:05    Swan and Harding- STOP here to wait for groups 1,3


Route 3: McKinley Gym Teacher Jeremy Rohloff

7:55    93rd and Stickney

7:56    Stickney and Swan

7:58    Swan and Jackson Park Blvd

8:01    Swan and North Avenue

8:03    Swan and Beverly

8:05    Swan and Harding- STOP here to wait for groups 1,2


Routes 1,2,3:

8:07    91st and Meinecke

8:09    90th and Meinecke (meet group 9)

All Students to Large Playground

Route 4: Wauwatosa West Trojan Mascot and Courtney Day, Wauwatosa Health Department

7:55    Ridge and 96th

7:56    Ridge and 95th

7:58    Ridge and 94th

8:00    Ridge and 93rd

8:02    Ridge and Swan (Crossing Guard)

8:05    Clarke and 91st

8:07    Clarke and 90th

8:09    90th and Wright

All Students to Large playground


Route 5 (Clarke), Route 6 (Wright), Route 7 (Meinecke): Alderman Jeff Roznowski (Route 5); County Supervisor “Luigi” Schmitt Route 6, Fire Chief Rob Ugaste, Route 7

7:53    81st and Clarke/Wright/Meinecke

7:55    82nd and Clarke/Wright/Meinecke

7:57    83rd and Clarke/Wright/Meinecke

7:59    84th and Clarke/Wright/Meinecke

8:01    85th and Clarke/Wright/Meinecke

8:03    86th and Clarke/Wright/Meinecke

8:05    87th and Clarke/Wright/Meinecke

8:07    88th and Clarke/Wright/Meinecke

8:09    89th and Clarke/Wright/Meinecke

All Students to Large Playground


Route 8: Alderman John Dubinski

7:55    Stickney and 84th

7:56    Stickney and 85th

7:58    Stickney and 86th

8:02    Stickney and Ludington

8:03    Ludington and Jackson Park Blvd

8:05    Ludington and North

8:08    88th and Meinecke

8:09    89th and Meinecke (meet group 7)

All Students to Large Playground


Route 9: Wauwatosa Children’s Librarian Annie

8:00    90th and Menomonee River Pkwy

8:02    90th and Stickney

8:04    90th and Jackson Park Blvd

8:06    90th and North

8:09    90th and Meinecke (meet groups 1,2,3)

All Students to large playground

GOAL: All Students meet on large playground between 8:10-8:12 a.m.


Apples provided by Amy Standal, Firefly Real Estate on large playground.

All School Assembly on Large Playground starting at 8:15 a.m.  Watch students lead by Mrs. Merriman perform the “Safety Dance.”

Join in with a bus at any time!!  It will be the discretion of the Walking School bus celebrity to keep the bus moving.  Times are approximate—look for the group and join in at any time.